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Video Review: Concepting with Dan Dos Santos (Muddy Colors)

In this release by Muddy Colors: “Where do you get your ideas?” is one of the most asked, and often one of the most difficult questions for an artist to answer.

In this live demonstration, Award-Winning Book Cover Artist, Dan dos Santos, attempts to explain his abstract thought process and show you how you too can come up with new and innovative solutions to your pictorial problems.

Using entirely audience suggestions to invent an imaginary novel on the spot, watch as Dan creates a professional looking cover concept on the fly. He will show you how to take those seemingly random ideas, and connect them into a single, cohesive and dynamic composition.

Dan Dos Santos is an amazing Cover Artist and Art Teacher, and having the possibility to see him at work and hear what he think while he create a book cover is a great opportunity to learn from a Master.

If you aim to work as a book cover illustrator this video will help you finding new ways to create a beautiful and original piece. Don't miss it!

Price: $20 

Duration: 174 minutes

Formats: Digital Download 1080p 

Dan Dos Santos Muddy Colors

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